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Current Events:

Online Etsy Workshops
Enhancing your Etsy Shop from the comfort of home!

Advanced Etsy Workshop – Online Edition
For the more Advanced Seller looking to take their business to the next level

Intro to Etsy – Online Edition
For sellers interested in learning more about how Etsy works and current Etsy sellers wanting to maximize their shops potential

Past Events:

August 26, 2017 in Brandon, MB

August 19, 2017 in Winnipeg, MB

June 24, 2017 in Morden, MB

Current Events:
Brandon, MB Summer 2019 – Details TBA
Past Events:

Winnipeg 2019

Winnipeg 2018

Steinbach 2017

Winnipeg 2017

Etsy Shop Help

Does your shop need help? Want to Open an Etsy Shop but want someone to help get it off the ground?
> Having views and favorites but no sales?
> New to Etsy, just opened a shop?
> Feeling like your shop has peaked and is getting stagnant?
> Feeling discouraged?
> Haven’t opened one yet and have questions?
I Can Help! I offer personalized consultations, including shop pointers and critiques and can answer all your Etsy seller/shop questions.”

Want to know who “I” am? My Name is Amanda and my shop is Silver Moose Arts and the Etsy Sellers of Manitoba Team Captain. I opened my Etsy shop in fall of 2013, and I sell jewelry. I have over 5,000 orders and $150,000 in sales on Etsy alone to date. I have a passion for supporting local and would love to help your shop succeed. I am genuine person, who genuinely wants to help!

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– Referrals –

“In August of 2017, just before my Etsy shop had it’s one year anniversary, I had requested Amanda to critique my shop and make a few recommendations that would help to increase sales. She responded immediately and helped me to finally make sense of SEO and make improvements to my listings and shop. Her help gave me full understanding of how Etsy and SEO works, and I now have the skills to apply to any new listings and they are immediately found on Etsy. I was also aware that my photos needed improvements, and she gave me a few pointers that made a world of difference. Now my shop looks great and I can hardly keep up with sales. Without hesitation, I recommend Amanda unequivocally to help anyone with an Etsy shop maximise potential. Her experience is invaluable and has made a huge impact on my Etsy shop.”

– Eveline of Lil Green Acorn Apparel

“Honestly everyone, if you’ve joined etsy and your sales are going no where, I HIGHLY recommend taking one of these workshops. I had been on etsy for 5 years and had less than 60 sales. I took this workshop and doubled that in the 4 fall months after working on my site over the summer.”

– Roberta of Prairie Wire Designs

“Thanks to the help of Amanda, 2018 has finally brought on the breakthrough I was hoping to have with my shop! Having had an Etsy shop for a few years, but not totally understanding how to get my products found (let alone sold), I was starting to get pretty discouraged. That’s when I asked Amanda for some help that has well been worth it! She has helped me to understand how Etsy works, how to take better pictures, what kinds of information customers want to know, and how to put that all together in a cohesive way! Although I still have more to learn, I am so thankful for Amanda’s help and look forward to applying more of her tips and tricks to further my business.”

– Chrisy of Boutique Sew Chique

More refferals available upon request!

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