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Etsy Sellers of Manitoba is an Etsy Team and we have lots of reasons to join, including: Workshops, Pop Up Markets, Team Events, Mentorship Program, and More!
This is a Rural Friendly team which means we will be catering to all of Manitoba, Canada not just Winnipeg and hope to have events in the surrounding communities.
Want to learn more about how Etsy Sellers of Manitoba can support you and your Manitoba based Etsy Shop?
Join our Etsy Team:
》Click on your Etsy profile and in the drop down click Teams.
》Search for Etsy Sellers of Manitoba.
》Read the Team info on who can join and if it fits you and you like it, Apply, easy peasy!


If you have not already done so, add yourself to our Facebook Group to stay up to date on whats happening.

We want to keep you up to date on upcoming events, workshops, and markets. Sign up for our mailing list HERE.


We all remember what it’s like to open our first shop and how daunting it can feel, and even seasoned sellers have questions or want to learn something new. This program will be an easy way to have a couple new seller friends you will have access to, without feeling like a bother, that want to help you!

This will essentially be a buddy system, pairing sellers together to give you someone you can bounce ideas and questions off of!

This is a free program, no major time commitments needed other than a willingness to help someone out via Etsy Conversations and in turn, receiving someone you can expect the same from.

To sign up, join our team!


We want you all to feel supported and to succeed. Haven’t opened an Etsy Shop yet and have questions, Contact Us with any questions you have, we’d love to help!



Etsy Sellers of Manitoba

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